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I am delighted to have been announced as Vice Chair of Upstart Scotland at our recent AGM. From the beginning of my teaching career 20+ years ago, I have advocated for more time to play, more professional training on neurological development for teaching and EYP staff, and a delay to sit down teaching and testing methods. I cannot thank the Upstart board enough, particularly Sue Palmer and Kate Johnston, for their passion, enthusiasm and unwavering work ethic. Great strides have been made, with almost all political parties in Scotland now supporting a kindergarten stage and the Association of Heads and Deputies in Scotland calling on the government to scrap the P1 SNSA. Our next big event is hosting a stall in the Members Lobby of the Scottish Parliament next week. We will be on hand to answer questions about why Scotland needs a kindergarten stage. Huge thanks to our supporter Kaukab Stewart MSP for helping us get this off the ground. Please, please email your MSP and ask them to come and visit us – we are not allowed to approach them and so are relying on them coming to us. More information on the latest Upstart newsletter here 


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